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Power Predictor
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The Power Predictor combines hardware (sensors, measuring tools and data storage) and web-based software to help end-users analyze and decide on the best possible and specific wind turbine or solar panel product available on the market, matching with their exact weather and geographic conditions.
This new breakthrough educational solution combining STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) with real-life green energy solutions, preparing our students for an up and coming green energy industry sector. Enables schools or universities to plan for on-site solar or wind installations and gives the students the opportunity to bring sustainability to their school by making it a student project.
Contained inside is a complete curriculum on renewable energy that offers a diverse set of tasks and large scope of lessons for the students cross-curriculum. This complete solution also offers a web based platform and online forum designed for schools to upload their data, share data with others through inter-departmental access, data comparison and analysis, Google earth software exploration /interaction, and participation and organization of competitions amongst schools.
Become a part of a national or international network of schools using the Power Predictor to teach students the benefits of sustainable energy and enable them to follow through a sustainability project from start to finish.

Experiments and Activities

Lesson 1: Choosing the Proper Site
Lesson 2: Designing the Power Predictor Mast Support
Lesson 3: Building and Installing the Power Predictor Mast
Lesson 4: Perform a School Energy Survey
Lesson 5: Perform a Pollution Reduction Prediction Analysis
Lesson 6: Electricity and Magnetism
Lesson 7: Understanding How Wind Turbines Work
Lesson 8: Understanding How Solar Panels Work
Lesson 9: Experiment with Model Wind Turbines and Solar Panels in Class
Lesson 10: Understanding Weather Fundamentals
Lesson 11: Simulating Power Predictor Data
Lesson 12: Retrieving, Uploading and Checking Power Predictor Data
Lesson 13: Comparing Retrieved Power Predictor Data to Weather Conditions
Lesson 14: Analyzing Power Predictor Data with Excel
Lesson 15: Applying Data to Commercial Solar Panels and Wind Turbines
Lesson 16: Model a Commercial Solar / Wind Installation
Lesson 17: Design a Proposal for Your School
Lesson 18: Share Your Results Online with Other Schools

Activity 1: Alternative Energy: Pros and Cons
Activity 2: Conducting a School Energy Survey
Activity 3: Performing a Pollution Reduction Prediction Analysis
Activity 4: Build a Simple Electric Motor
Activity 5: Wind Power and Wind Turbines Lesson
Activity 6: The Science of Solar Panels Lesson
Activity 7: Weather Dynamics


• Windspeed cups
• Wind direction vane
• Solar PV cell
• Data logger and waterproof box • Metal bracket
• 2x Philips screws
• 5m cable
• 2x rubber cable shrouds
• Memory card
• USB memory card reader
• 9V square battery
• Silica gel bag
• Self adhesive cable clip
• Cable gland