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Sunbox 3.0
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Horizon is introducing its second series solar battery solution. The Sunbox 3.0 is a high-performance portable solar energy storage system. The self-regulated system will charge its battery automatically when sunlight is available, no matter how strong or weak it is.

The Sunbox 3.0 is a basic affordable off-grid power supply, for use in developing rural areas where electricity is not available such as in emergency situations, for emergency relief as well as for remote recreational activities.

Package includes:

1. Sun box power system: 
 - 3000mAh 6V integrated electricity storage
 - LCD screen
 - 2 USB ports
 - Charger input from solar or 14V DC charger plug (Car power supply)

2. Solar Panel
- Waterproof solar panel (2.2W)
- Long rolled cable (3m) for roof mounting

3. LED Lamp 2 units (1W and 2 W)
- LED light with cable (1W)
- LED light with 25 LEDs, USD plug (2W)

4. Cellphone charging adaptor tips
- Includes 5 interchangeable adaptor tips to charge most cellphones and portable devices