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This kit demonstrates the latest in fuel cell technology using ethanol as its fuel source. Currently fuel cells use hydrogen or methanol as fuel. This fuel cell kit directly converts ethanol (alcohol) to electricity silently and without any combustion. The device can run non-stop for hours, providing an amazing demonstration of next-generation bio- fuel cell technology. Included in the box is a renewable energy education manual as well as an experiment guide. Discover the possibilities today!


1. Create Electricity from ethanol and water
2. Exploring Polarity
3. Investigating the Ethanol Fuel Consumption
4. Exploring the Affect of Varying Fuel Concentrations
5. Create Electricity from Common Wine or Beer
6. Exploring the Affects of Temperature


• Sturdy plastic base with ethanol storage
• Rubber tubing
• Purging valve
• Electric motor
• Wire leads with clips
• Fan blade
• Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell
• Container for mixing ethanol solution
• pH paper measuring strips
• Lid for ethanol storage
• Assembly instructions
• CD-ROM with renewable energy curriculum manuals