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We are proud to present Horizon's new 2009 version of the"H-cell" hydrogen fuel cell hybrid power-train for 1/10 scale model hobby RC, designed around the award-winning TAMIYA TRF-416 carbon fiber chassis kit.

This machine will offer much higher performance, as well as a home refueling station option able to refill its solid hydrogen tanks automatically. The home refueling station to be released in July will create the possibility for users extract hydrogen from water and stored automatically for storage in solid form using small battery-shaped devices called HYDROSTIK . The HYDROFILL can connect to optional solar panels or wind-turbines to produce 100% renewable fuel.

Two HYDROSTIK s each carrying about 11Wh of energy or 13L of hydrogen are integrated to the fuel cell electric power-train on either side of the chassis, enhancing weight distribution on board the car.

The TRF-416 chassis from Tamiya comes as an assembly kit and does not include wheels, brushless motor, speed controller, servo-motor, receiver and transmitter - all of which can be found at your local hobby shop.