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Discover the automotive technologies of the future by building and driving your own hydrogen fuel cell car. The H-racer 2.0 is the new generation H-racer, featuring a construction kit of the scale model car, as well as remote controlled steering, and light emitting features within the car. The H-racer received many awards including Time Magazine’s "Best Inventions", Business Week IDEA, Metropolitan Home "Design 100", ID magazine annual review, and Business 2.0 Bottom Line Design Awards.

The product includes a solar cell, hydrogen station, remote control, hydrogen fuel cell car assembly parts, as well as a renewable energy education manual and a fun experiment guide.

Experiments and Activities

• Assembly and operation of the H-racer 2.0
• The Effect of Heat on Solar Panels
• The Effect of Shade on Solar Panels
• The Effect of Tilt Angle on Solar Panels
• Finding the Solar Panel’s Maximum Power Point *requires variable resistor module-sold separately
• Electrolysis Mode Generating Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water
• Fuel Cell Mode Generating Electricity from Hydrogen and Oxygen
• Determining the Minimum Voltage for Water Decomposition
• Polarization States for Hydrogen Fuel Cells


• Hydrogen station • Car chassis
• Car body
• PEM fuel cell
• 0.75 Watt Solar panel
• Infrared remote control
• Quick connector
• Purging valve
• Refueling input valve
• Syringe
• Front & rear bumpers
• 3 flexible plastic tubes
• 8 screws
• Connector cable for solar + hydrogen station
• Decorative H2 sticker
• Remote control batteries
• Assembly instructions
• CD-ROM with renewable energy curriculum manuals