Custom EV Solar PV Panels
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Customized lightweigtht solar panels for EV. Racing panels for solar car races.

Absolute lightest weight per area: 1050 – 1400 g/m², depending on cell type (with Si-cells about 500g/m² for airplanes etc if required)
Thinnest modules: about 600 – 700 µm, special for airplanes 300 µm
The modules are semi-flexible; bending is possible in one axis like a sheet of paper, but not recommended due to lower power output.
A non-reflecting surface is available, plus 4 % power output compared with standard reflecting surfaces, for flat incident angles higher values.
We use all available cells from best cell manufactures worldwide.
Our hard encapsulated cells never will or were broken. This is a very important point (besides mishandling etc.) compared to all other soft encapsulated cells!
Cell efficiencies are from 15 – 34 %, basically from silicon (up to 22 %) and GaAs cells.
We manufacture the module sizes individually  according to your order and layout – see available data sheets
We trim the module and array layout to a very high rate of cells per area ratio up to 99 %.
We use a hard encapsulation technique, reinforced by special glass fibres, resistant against all weathering over years.
Usual 2 contact points (+/-) per module on rear side, 3 mm, pre-soldered.