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The perfect starting point if you want to create your own fuel cell power systems. Suitable for academic, hobby and commercial product developers. Easily design and build fuel cell systems using 1.5W Horizon fuel cells.

The kit contains everything you need to assemble a 1.5W fuel cell power source including hydrogen storage, hydrogen supply tubing, fuel cell, valves and electronic controller with output voltage control. Integration with the popular Arduino Uno development board allows easy connection to a computer to monitor current and voltage. Built in variable DC-DC converter allows voltage selection between 5-12V.

Designed as an open source platform, users have access to an online developer forum with full details of the fuel cell control circuitry and knowledge sharing on a wide range of applications from model railways to remote monitoring to lighting applications.

- 1x 1.5W Horizon Fuel Cell
- Pre-filled, refillable metal hydride hydrogen storage with pressure regulators
- Development board ‘Shield’ for popular Arduino platform with stack control circuitry
- Monitoring and data-logging via USB (voltage, current)
- Adjustable regulated output voltage 5-12V
- Open source hardware and software
- HydroSTIK safely store hydrogen at low pressure
- A single HydroSTIK contains enough hydrogen to generate approximately 10Wh